Artificial intelligence and human intelligence in industry: the best of both worlds by B. FOSSÉPREZ

Artificial intelligence and human intelligence in industry: the best of both worlds by B. FOSSÉPREZ

Artificial intelligence is nowadays used to tackle a growing number of issues in industrial applications.
Could it be in the conception and simulation phase, or in operations, the success stories are manifold.
At PEPITe, they have been partnering with their customers in enabling them to optimise their manufacturing processes.
The impact can be measured against a set of KPI’s: energy consumption, product quality, OEE, yield, throughput etc.
Their decades-long experience shows that successes can only be achieved when key stakeholders (engineers, operators and managers) are deeply involved in the project definition, implementation and in the operational phase.
Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics tools are at the service of human intelligence. It is essential to ensure that both components coexist in order to get the most out of them.

An engineer by education, Baptiste FOSSÉPREZ began his career at the European Space Agency. He then joined SES, a Luxembourg satellite telecommunications company. After ten years with SES, he branched out into the media industry by joining Ericsson. He then puts his corporate experience to use to help develop Freecaster, active in the field of online videos. Baptiste FOSSÉPREZ notably supported the Namur-based SME during its acquisition by BCE (Broadcasting Center Europe, a subsidiary of the RTL group), where he was is responsible for development. He joined the Liège-based company PEPITe after the capital increase in September 2021.


About the Conferences…

The purpose of the conferences is to screen the digital technology used to boost activities in the fields of green chemistry and white biotechnology around the world, to share knowledge and encourage the creation of new R&D projects in the sector at regional and international scale.

The first day, on 28 September, will focus on Digital Transition while the second one, on 29 September, will focus on Artificial Intelligence. Both days will be animated by Tieneke Van Hooland, from by essenscia.



09.30  Welcome by ULiège

09.35  Keynote :
> Baptiste FOSSEPREZPépite & Prayon

10.15  Data4Economy

> Mathieu CURAOptimistik (FR) - Digital transformation : how to leverage data to secure the transition towards Green Chemistry and White Biotech?
> Sébastien PREYSOndalys (FR) - Machine Learning and AI: Some applications for the digital transformation in Industry 4.0

11.15  Coffee Break

11.25  Data4Economy

> David WAROCQUIERSMatgenix (with UCL) - title to be confirmed
> Julien ESTAGERCertech - Intens4Chem: From intensified to intelligent processes

12.05  Round Table & Q&A

12.30  Walking Lunch

13.30  Data4Environment

> Jules DELCON & Olivier VERGEYNST Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT - Environmental impacts of digitalisation: challenges for Sustainable Development and solutions through Sustainable IT
> Michele MASCIA, University of Cagliari (IT) - Modelling bio-electrochemical systems for the removal of pollutants from soil and water.
> Jon GORIUPVCG.AI (LT) - Using AI & big data for circular transition

14.30 Coffee Break

15.00  Data4Environment

> Sergio MARTINEZ VILLAREALULiège - Data mining as a tool to successfully position your green tech application
> Alexander DICK, WideTech (with John Cockerill) - How Data Science Leads to Clean Water

15.40  Round Table & Q&A

16.05  Conclusions by Marc TILMANT, essenscia Wallonie

16.15  Bilateral Meetings & Networking Cocktail


09.30  Welcome by Gilles COLSON, Head of International Growth and Marketing and Julie BRUGHMANS, Digital Transformation Project Manager - GreenWin

09.35  Introduction

10.15 AI4Economy&Environment

> Thomas GALEANDRO-DIAMANTChemIntelligence (FR) - Accelerating chemistry R&D using artificial intelligence
> Robert DAVIDTechnord - Software sensors? Quality KPIs in real-time, and optimised control!
> Pierre GUENOUNProbayes - Explicability of the polymerisation reactor exotherm.
> Paul VANABELLE, CETIC (with SIRRIS) - AI4Recycle - Towards mastering the thermoplastic injection process to increase the use of recycled plastic

11.35  Round Table & Q&A

12.00  Walking Lunch

> David ARRANZ , European Commission, DG RTD - A vision on Industry 5.0, AI and funding opportunities13.40  EU & Regional Fundings
> Emmanuel JOUANYSowalfin - How can Sowalfin be your SME’s feasibility and funding partner to its digital transformation ?
> Lison RABUEL , NCP Wallonie - EU funding available for Digitalisation of the Industry

14.20  Round Table & Q&A

14.45  Conclusions : Wrap-Up byTineke Van Hoolan, & Prespectives byNathanaël ACKERMANAI4Belgium.

15.10  Networking Drink

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