GreenWin adapts and presents: The Green Chemistry & White Biotechnology online Master Sessions : a series of 4 interactive sessions, on 10 & 24 September and 8 & 29 October 

The coronavirus crisis has seriously impacted our events and actions plan, preventing us from our usual crossborder freedom of movements. Nevertheless, at GreenWin, we have decided to adapt the format of our actions so that we can keep on carrying out our purposes. Instead of organising 2 full days of face-to-face conferences, we are setting a series of 4 'Master Sessions*' up, through an interactive teleconference tool. 

*“Master” as in “Master Classes, and “Sessions” as in “Jazz Jam Sessions”: both concepts reflecting the level of expertise and quality of interactions of guests and audience all together.

This year, GreenWin’s focus will be on Biorefineries: at the heart of new bioeconomy production processes

GreenWin presents its 1st ever edition of Handbook
All you need to know about the  innovation cluster
The raison d'être, the stakes and challenges, the achievements, the success stories ...

Update on 1 January  2020




Greenwin : Fact & Figures...

200 Members

of which

150+ Enterprises.

4 International

5 international network of which GreenWin is a member

+20% Employment
growth rate

56 Projects

5 European ones.

3 Technological platforms

800 International contacts through GreenWin's networks

+40% Added value
growth rate

144 M Budget invested
into our projects

9 Strategic fields of activity

3 Application sectors

2 Cross-clusters theme leaderships :

& carbon neutrality

85 000* direct employment

(26% of industrial employment)

160 000* Indirect

15 B * exports

(36% of Wallonia exports)

* GreenWin’s industrial sectors figures

PEPIT : Polymers Ecocircularity Platform for an Industrial Transition

under the auspices of the innovation clusters GreenWin and MecaTech, and the business cluster Plastiwin
with the support of Certified Research Centres

Celabor, Cenaero, Centexbel, Centre Terre et Pierre, Certech, Materia Nova and Sirris

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