LCiP – Life Cycle in Practice Analysis

The LCiP project’s aim is to support SMEs in their undertakings to reduce the environmental impact of their products and services during their life cycle in the building, construction and waste management sectors.

Carried out across four European regions (Wallonia, the Spanish Basque Country, the Hauts de France region and Portugal), this first 3-year phase, co-financed by the European Union’s LIFE programme, has allowed for the creation of conditions to sustainably promote  a Life Cycle approach within SME’s.

In Wallonia, through GreenWin, the LCiP project has made possible:

  • an analysis of the environmental maturity of SMEs in Wallonia
  • the organisation of LCA training for SMEs and support organisations
  • the setting-up of an online and physical resource centre for SMEs and other involved parties
  • the launching of a support network for SMEs (LC Champions)
  • the supporting of 8 Walloon SMEs in their first attempts at LCA.

Detailed information on each of these activities, and on those undertaken in other participating regions, can be found on the  LCiP project website.

8 pilot projects for an LCA approach

These projects were undertaken with the assistance of  experts from the CSTC, MateriaNova and ULG / PEPs in order to initiate first steps taken towards a LCA by SMEs in the construction and waste treatment sectors.

After the completion of these projects, each of the pilot SMEs was able to demonstrate a high environmental impact (or « hotspot ») of a product or process, and identify tangible leads for improvement.

The testimonials in the videos below attest to these trials. In addition each pilot project was the subject of a case study, the results of which can be found on the LCiP project website.


Ever since LCiP approach was adopted by GreenWin, each and every project supported by us is subject to a Life Cycle Analysis. It is a  matter of precautionary principle and of... genuine ecoresponsibility.



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