Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0

Beyond Industry 4.0

European industry is a crucial engine in the economic and societal transitions that we are currently witnessing today. To remain a driving force for prosperity, industry must take digital and green transitions forward.
Industry 5.0 encourages the promotion of industrial activity beyond technical or economic objectives such as productivity and efficiency. It also targets other objectives equally essential to the sector’s future, such as employee wellbeing, sustainability, and resilience.

Industry 5.0 places the wellbeing of the employee at the heart of the production process and utilises new technologies to ensure prosperity beyond jobs and growth while also respecting the production limits of the planet.

It therefore completes the existing "Industry 4.0" approach by specifically placing research and innovation as tools to serve a transition towards a European industry that is sustainable, centred around the individual, and resilient.

Industry 5.0 brings advantages to industry, employees, and society. It empowers workers and responds to the evolution of skills and the training requirements of employees. It increases the competitiveness of industry and contributes towards attracting the best talent available.

At GreenWin, we subscribe 100% to this approach. Digitalisation and automation must serve humans, notably by reducing the arduousness of tasks and optimising efficiency, while at the same time guaranteeing wellbeing in the workplace. They should not become a justification for job exclusion, but rather a means of developing training in respect of their utilisation and maintenance, and of generating new types of jobs and new opportunities.

To date, GreenWin is involved in two of the Walloon Region’s large ‘industry of the future’ projects:

> ChiMérique, a project for the digitalisation of the chemical sector, that the cluster is managing in partnership with Plastiwin, essenscia Wallonie, Sirris, Certech, CETIC and INFOPOLE, with the support of AdN.

> Dig’easy, a project for the digitalisation of the construction sector, to which GreenWin contributes, that is managed by the CCW and financed by AdN.

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