WALOSCRAP Walloon project

The treatment and transformation of materials is the most energy-intensive industrial activity and one of the heaviest emitters of CO2. The rarity of non-renewable basic materials is a critical problem for Europe. The development of shorter circuits to encourage the exploitation of local resources is a special priority.

Independently of their potential re-use as raw materials, the management of wastes is a major problem in our consumer society. We must find ways of reducing their quantity and toxicity.

Analyse stocks and flows of secondary materials in Wallonia and promote their industrial recovery

With the support of the Wallonia Ministry of the Environment and the Wallonia Office for Wastes (OWD), the WALOSCRAP Project, over a period of 12 months, aims to analyse the potential for economic recovery of stocks and local flows of secondary materials which are presently poorly exploited, or exported, whereas they could be re-used in Wallonia.

The emphasis will mainly be on stocks/flows of:

  • used tyres
  • plastic waste
  • residues from thermal operations
  • construction and demolition waste (flat glass, gypsum, PVC, wood, etc.)
  • electrical and electronic waste
  • metal waste
  • animal and plant waste
  • slurries from purification stations, industrial slurries
  • used oils
  • ...


Frédéricq Peigneux

Project Manager

  • fredericq.peigneux|greenwin:be
  • Mobile : +32 475 87 23 81