Smart CO2 Transformation (SCOT) European Project

Smart CO2 Transformation (SCOT)

"SCOT" is a first European initiative in the field of the recycling and recovery of CO2. The project aims to identify levers for converting CO2 into products of high added value.

Un consortium de 10 acteurs européens, issus de cinq Régions à fort profil industriel (Rhône-Alpe (Fr), Rotterdam (NL), Yorkshire (UK), Allemagne et la Wallonie(BE)), sont impliqués dans le projet.

The SCOT project has three major objectives:

  1. Define a European strategic research agenda aimed at the technical and economic improvement of technologies for converting CO2, and developing new solutions and their industrial application.
  2. Attract other European clusters, other Regions and other investors to integrate R&D programmes and take part in other collaborative activities defined in a Joint Action Plan
  3. Propose structural measures to encourage the transition to a Europe which applies the concept of "CO2 as a resource", with a view to improving the competitiveness and environmental performance of the European Union on the international scene

At the present time, the problem of CO2 is mainly approached by prioritising the reduction of emissions: renewable energies, improvement of processes and methods.
Although these actions are useful, they are not sufficient.

The capture and storage of CO2 in geological strata (CCS - Carbon Capture & Storage) is now technically possible and demonstration installations are already in operation. This route does not create value, however, requiring heavy investments and operating costs, which limits its development.

The European "SCOT" project will enable CO2 to be converted in 3 ways:

  • raw materials for chemistry (synthons)
  • second-generation fuels (methane, methanol, etc.)
  • building materials (mineralisation)

The commercial value of these products could offset the investment and operating costs, thus ensuring a bright future for the products.

Seventh Framework Programme

The SCOT project, which started in October 2013, for a duration of three years, is coordinated by the GreenWin Cluster.

The project has received funding from the 7th European Union Framework Programme, devoted to research, development and demonstration technologies

Further information on the web site dedicated to the

Résumé du projet

Document à télécharger


Version finale du JAP (Joint Action Plan)

Version finale du SERIA (Strategic European Research and Innovation Agenda)


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List of participants

Participants Countries
1 GreenWin Belgium
2 Axelera France
3 University of Sheffield United Kingdom
4 Yorkshire Chemicals Focus United Kingdom
5 Center for Low Carbon Future United Kingdom
6 Leeds City Council United Kingdom
7 DCMR Environmental Protection Agency Netherlands
8 Triple E Consulting Netherlands
9 Service Public de Wallonie Belgium
10 Dechema Germany
  • GreenWin
  • Axelera
  • University of Sheffield
  • Yorkshire Chemicals Focus
  • Center for Low Carbon Future
  • Leeds City Council
  • DCMR Environmental Protection Agency
  • Triple
  • Service Public de Wallonie
  • Dechema


Contribution from the EC Total budget
GreenWin 650.729,00 € 729.304,00 €
Total from partners 2.141.211,00 € 2.392.609,00 €

Grant agreement no : 319995


Damien Dallemagne

Senior Strategic Advisor - SCOT Project

  • damien.dallemagne|greenwin:be
  • Mobile : +32 488 36 62 31