Confidentiality Charter

Confidentiality is one of our priorities. In constructing a project, the GreenWin team is committed to protecting the secrecy of confidential information to which it has access and will not divulge such information without the prior written permission of the owner(s).

In more precise terms, the following rules are applied:

The Cluster treats your projects with the strictest confidentiality

All members of the team, experts and administrators of the Cluster, have signed a secrecy agreement which is binding on them personally

The operations team

The ideas put forward in working groups are taken from public documents or proposals from Universities or the CRA.
If the proposed topic results in a project, the discussion continues in a restricted group with the partners directly interested.
On the basis of an LOI, you accept the name of the potential partner(s).
Two close projects will be compared, with the agreement of all the partners involved.

Cluster Jury

The names of the experts who will examine your submission will be communicated to you and you can give reasons for rejecting an expert.

Governance Council

The detailed content of submissions is never communicated to members of the Council.
In spite of this, you can point out a conflict of interest and the administrator will withdraw while your project is processed for selection by the Cluster.