BATILOOP Walloon project

Within the mass of industrial wastes which require special attention (in view of the modes of generation, and the mass and prospects which the component materials lead us to expect in the context of industrial developments) one finds construction and demolition wastes.

The heterogeneous composition of the wastes encourages us to reflect on the appropriateness of demolition techniques: should they be modified?

What constraints and prospects would the changes engender for construction, renovation and demolition companies?

What routes might emerge for the recycling of recovered materials?

What specific features of these materials must be respected if we hope for utilisation with higher added value?

In order for the materials to access channels of recovery for construction purposes (ensuring real savings in raw materials), what models or waste management systems should be eliminated?

GreenWin (collaborating with CCW) is undertaking a task which aims to:

  • determine what flows, generated from construction waste, should be the subject of a particular approach with a view to better re-use in industrial sectors
  • identify the specific features of products generated from construction waste to meet the expectations of industries using the materials in production processes
  • search for partners
  • establish recommendations regarding the best treatment techniques available (from sorting to re-use)
  • carry out a feasibility study on these materials and support the construction of projects to re-use them


Frédéricq Peigneux

Project Manager

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  • Mobile : +32 475 87 23 81