Task and strategy

The GreenWin Cluster focuses its action on improving product life cycles by saving materials and energy, recycling and using renewable resources.

Dans ses domaines d’action, GreenWin vise à rencontrer des enjeux technologiques majeurs comme la chimie durable, le stockage chimique d’énergie, la réduction des émissions de CO2, la construction durable, le traitement des déchets et des effluents et leur recyclage comme nouvelles matières premières.

GreenWin brings together in a single network small and large businesses, universities, research centres, training operators and communities, all of which are involved in developing the green economy and motivated by the opportunities resulting from pooling skills and sharing resources.

Innovation, the key to success

Businesses, particularly SME's, are the actors targeted by the actions of the Cluster, which supports them in their technological and economic development.

GreenWin seeks to accelerate the growth of the Walloon economy and its businesses, through technological innovation, to create a greener, more sustainable Wallonia. It aims to develop expansion and employment in new growth markets.

Help and support from GreenWin in this process lies at four levels :

Supporting and developing innovative projects

  • Help in project design and the search for partners
  • Advice on the construction and writing of dossiers (technical and economic aspects)
  • Monitoring and supporting consortia (confidentiality, contract negotiation, etc.)
  • Pointing the way towards appropriate funding systems and support structures
  • Approving R&D projects
  • Help in protecting intellectual property
  • Promoting results (identification of possibilities for financing investments).

Developing a network for improving competitiveness

  • Facilitating contacts: GreenWin represents 185 members, including almost 145 businesses, among which several are world leaders
  • Concluding partnerships between industrial and academic actors (universities, colleges and research centres) with recognised and complementary skills, sharing the same objectives in terms of sustainable development
  • Facilitating contacts between large companies and SME's, the former with greater capacity for managing R&D projects, the latter with greater creativity
  • Creating a catalogue of skills available to members of the Cluster
  • Stimulating the emergence of strategic collaborative R&D projects which can take advantage of public aid. The Cluster thus supports businesses in searching for external funding.
  • Promote a global environment propitious for innovation and the actors in the Cluster by undertaking activities in terms of organisation (working groups, conferences, seminars, etc.), mutualisation or support to Cluster members
  • Stimulate collective reflection on regional considerations: developing sectors and making them secure (upstream: e.g. fresh or residual biomass; downstream: e.g. collecting and sorting certain wastes), developing collective infrastructures (research or certification platforms, demonstration centres for innovative materials and systems)
  • Provide access to training (based on the technological orientations of the Cluster) via various types of module and various training organisations which enable businesses to adapt to the new constraints of sustainable development
  • Raise Cluster actors' awareness of the development of their societal responsibility: a sustainable image requires a sustainable attitude.

Access new markets

  • Propose a system for gathering strategic and economic intelligence via a network of experts (academics, consultants identified and validated by the Cluster)
  • Improve the attractiveness of Wallonia, thanks to greater regional, national and international visibility
  • Lobby for Wallonia/Brussels regulations more appropriate to the constraints of environmental performance
  • Support European technological partnerships
  • Liaise with other foreign clusters
  • Easier access to aid from AWEX
  • Help with communication (exhibitions, forums, seminars) inside and outside the Cluster.

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