Become a member

The Cluster brings to its members

  • Strategic intelligence and the creation of a shared vision of the future
  • documentation (market studies, technological intelligence, etc.) identified by the Cluster or subcontracted according to requirements encountered
  • organising themed contacts and meetings
  • identifying strategic skills to be developed and deployment of collective training activities
  • supporting advice, methods and tools for constructing and managing collaborative innovation projects
  • searching for funding from public and private operators
  • developing shared technological platforms in response to shared needs
  • international visibility of their particular skills and their projects

Status as a member

The pole is structured as an ASBL (non-profit organisation)

Members enjoy all the rights granted to them by the law and by the constitution of the Cluster, in particular the right to vote at the General Assembly.

Approval of an application for affiliation

The Council has the absolute power of decision on the admission of new members. Decisions are without appeal and no reasons need be given unless there are inescapable legal provisions to the contrary. A decision is communicated to the applicant by simple letter.


By virtue of their affiliation, members accept the constitution and the internal rules. They are thus bound by the constitution, the internal rules and the decisions taken by the General Assembly and the Administrative Council.


Members agree to pay a subscription of which the amount is fixed annually by the General Meeting on the basis of a proposal by the Administrative Council. Members are obliged to provide the Association with all information required to determine and invoice the subscription.

Submission of a project for approval by the Government of Wallonia is only available to members whose subscriptions are in order.

Members in the "businesses" category will pay an annual subscription depending on total staff working in Wallonia and Brussels, in the company (or in the group if the business is not financially independent for the purposes of EC Regulation 364/2004 ) and in accordance with the following scale:

  • N ≤ 100 : 500 €
  • 101 < N ≤ 250 : 1.000 €
  • 251 < N ≤ 500 : 2.000 €
  • 501 < N ≤ 1000 : 5.000 €
  • N ≥ 1001 : 10.000 €

Annual subscriptions for members in the "scientific organisations", "training centres" and "institutional actors" are fixed as follows:

  • for Academies: 2,500 € per Academy (university subscriptions being covered by the subscription of the Academy to which they belong)
  • for ADISIF: 750 € (subscription for a Grande Ecole covered by the ADISIF subscription)
  • for ACCORD Wallonie 2,500 € (subscription for a research centre being covered by the ACCORD Wallonie subscription)
  • for training centres: 500 € per member
  • for sectorial federations: 500 € per member
  • for all other members: 500 € per member

« Success fee »

En cas de subvention accordée par le Gouvernement Wallon, le pôle GreenWin perçoit un «success fee» de 0.50% sur les avances récupérables obtenues et de 2,00% sur les subsides obtenus par les entreprises partenaires des projets. Les paiements sont réclamés au fur et à mesure de la liquidation par la Région, des avances ou des subventions dues.


La confidentialité est une priorité. Dans le cadre du montage de votre projet, l’équipe du pôle GreenWin s’engage, à chaque étape, à garder secrètes les informations confidentielles auxquelles elle aurait accès et à ne pas divulguer ces informations sauf accord préalable écrit de leur(s) titulaire(s).

Les règles que nous appliquons sont reprises sur notre charte.