Cluster and international marketplace

The international team of the GreenWin cluster contributes to the successful establishment of collaborative and innovative technology projects both at the national and international levels. The team supports the international efforts of the active members in its three strategic activity areas: sustainable chemistry, materials & sustainable construction, and environmental technologies. A service offering has been developed for this purpose.

In order to achieve its goals, the international team relies on its rnetwork of partners and strategic contacts abroad such as clusters, associations, and institutional actors, etc., as well as a network of scientific liaison officers (SLAs) of the WBI, and the economic and commercial attachés of AWEX.

The cluster focuses its international activities on the target markets identified according to the interests of its members: in Europe, primarily in Belgium (Brussels and Flanders), France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. In Canada and Brazil, the team organizes prospecting, networking, and deployment missions with its partners.

These markets are not static, but are likely to evolve according to the international development opportunities and ambitions of the cluster members. In this context, several markets are currently being explored, such as Denmark, South Korea, China, Chile and certain eastern European countries, for instance Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, and Croatia

The main international activities of the Cluster

The key goals of the international unit are :