Management of intellectual property (IP) and freedom of exploitation

Freedom of exploitation is a point to which the Jury of Clusters pays particular attention. A full analysis of freedom of exploitation is requested for submission of the "draft version", so that the jury of experts can make a decision on the innovative nature of your project relative to the progress of technology at the time of drafting and on the freedom of exploitation of the results.

Support in terms of IP

Pi2-Wallonie ASBL

Aspects of intellectual property (IP), (analysis of existing patents, etc.), are sometimes difficult to grasp, particularly for SME's. If you require support on this subject, we recommend that you contact the following operator:

The first half-day of consultancy is free of charge if you specify that your request is justified in the context of constructing a "GreenWin" project. If necessary, you can be supplied with an estimate for the production of a more detailed study (cartography, etc.).

We underline the fact that the results of any studies must be analysed by the project sponsors so as to be incorporated in a strategy.


To maximise the effectiveness of your interview with Picarré, we recommend you carry out prior research, using patent search engines:

Web sites for patent searching:
ESPACENET European Patents Office
USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office
Database on classification of patents
World classification:
American classification
The purpose being to identify the most relevant keywords and the most active companies in your field of application.