Études de marché, dans le cadre du montage d'un projet collaboratif

Aims of the study, the questions that it has to answer

The compilation of your R&D dossier includes the execution of a market study. The aim of the study is to show the jury that the project is of value. You will also have to explain how the research results will be used and what will be the impact in terms of job creation.

The market study will be all the more accurate if the objectives and research results are clearly defined.

The following 2 points cover the questions to which the market study must respond: these points are taken from the notice document for the 9th call

The market and the competition

  • The market: trends and national/international potential, directly-competing products or services, principal actors (competitors, consumers, decision-makers, producers, suppliers, etc.)
  • The demand: size of national and international market, customer profile, requirements, segmentation, etc.
  • The offer: what is the competitive position at national and international level? What are the competing products, services and companies in the market? Who are the leaders?
  • The competitive advantages/disadvantages of the new product, process or service.
  • Identification of effects on international development in terms of:
    • Volume of exports
    • Attractiveness for foreign investors
    • International visibility of partners

Value of results

This involves an explanation of how the results can be exploited, for the whole research project and for each partner

  • The existence of a demand for the new or substantially-improved products, processes or services which will be the subject of the research, and the size of the target market
  • The prospects for exploitation of the results of research, particularly by the companies participating in the project
  • Expected economic fall-out from the project (employment, added value, etc.)
  • Analysis of profitability of project results
  • Description of the marketing circuit and activities envisaged for the new products, processes or services which will emerge from the research results.
  • If possible, an estimate of the investments that may be necessary for the industrialisation and marketing of the new products, processes or services which will emerge from the research results.

What service providers?

It is not mandatory to use an external service provider to carry out the market study. The sponsor may already be in possession of the data required to carry out the study internally. As a general rule, this is rarely the case. Furthermore, a report from an independent organisation gives credibility to the prospects on which you base the project. If you decide to use an external provider, GreenWin can supply a list of partners in the domain covered by your project.

Quand commencer une étude de marché ?

A market study should ideally be conducted rapidly, as soon as your project, submitted as a Letter Of Interest (LOI), has been validated by the Cluster.